Sunday, October 30, 2011

October snow????

Just experienced my first ever October snowstorm.  My yard looked really different this morning.

We got about 3-4"of snow - the red fall leaves are so pretty lying on top of it.

 But enough about how pretty it is.....let's get out in it and PLAY!

My lake area was transformed, and I had to stop and take it all in....

I've never seen green leafy trees and snow all mixed up before.  Quite confusing to me....

 .... but I had ducks to chase....

... and herons to hunt.

 Usually, I can find that big, old heron easily.  He hides in the reeds till I'm just about on top of him, then he flaps up and away.

But today, I couldn't find him anywhere.

Where is that heron?

 Can you help me find it?

 No?  OK - then I'll just have to cruise off and find it on my own.

I could have spent the whole day out here in the snow and ice water.  Just call me Nanook of the North!

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