Tuesday, August 4, 2009


On Sunday, we had torrential rains here - about 4" in just a few hours and lots of flooding.The best part for me was this big lake that formed on one of the fields where I run.Up against the bank on the right it was about three feet deep, and you can see the tops of the bleachers down the side.

Della had on her fishing waders and she went out into the water. I was a bit skittish about going in when there was dry land on which to run around the edge. So I stayed where I could see the bottom and just did a lot of splashing.

Bit by bit I got braver and deeper but kept scooting back to the edge.

Then Della produced a tennis ball and I retrieved it a couple of times in the shallow water. It was getting pretty hot so I lay down to cool off. You can see the soccer field lines underwater.

Now I'm starting to feel much more confident and go farther into the deeper water.

I'm getting a grip on this water retrieving but I'm still not quite swimming, though I can feel that lift-off is imminent!

Then Della threw my ball just little bit deeper and suddenly I'm SWIMMING! It's great!

I make a perfect retrieve, get myself turned around....

..... and start swimming back. Look how fast I'm going!! I'm making a wave in front of myself.

Then I start trying to feel where the bottom is. Look at the wake I left!

Phew....made it!

OK....let's do that again!



This is so much FUN!

I could swim around ALL DAY.... I love it!

But I'd better bring the ball back so she can throw it again.

Come ON.... throw it!

Since Della was so slow to throw it, maybe I won't bring it back this time.

Maybe I'll just cruise around all day...just me and my ball....

I'm a Golden Carrier!


This isn't going over too well....better revert back to being a Golden Retriever.

There's your silly ball!

And now back home for a towel-down and a nap.