Sunday, October 30, 2011

October snow????

Just experienced my first ever October snowstorm.  My yard looked really different this morning.

We got about 3-4"of snow - the red fall leaves are so pretty lying on top of it.

 But enough about how pretty it is.....let's get out in it and PLAY!

My lake area was transformed, and I had to stop and take it all in....

I've never seen green leafy trees and snow all mixed up before.  Quite confusing to me....

 .... but I had ducks to chase....

... and herons to hunt.

 Usually, I can find that big, old heron easily.  He hides in the reeds till I'm just about on top of him, then he flaps up and away.

But today, I couldn't find him anywhere.

Where is that heron?

 Can you help me find it?

 No?  OK - then I'll just have to cruise off and find it on my own.

I could have spent the whole day out here in the snow and ice water.  Just call me Nanook of the North!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer swimming

Hi Ma Doux, 

Thought you'd like to see how happy I am swimming with my new haircut - I love it!

I now feel very streamlined and fast when I retrieve.

 It's been so hot that I prefer to stay in the water and just walk along with my favorite bumper.

 But eventually I come to land....

... and catch my breath.

Then I go right back in and wallow.

The amazing thing about my swimming area is that even though it doesn't have springs or a flowing current, it stays clean and clear.  I can see right down to the bottom.

 I could spend the whole day out here...

... just being a Golden Wader!

 My coat has definitely started to grow!

The only reason I'm sitting so attentively here is that Adele has all my stuff!  She thinks I'm being obedient...

... but once I get hold of that bumper, I'll be back in the water - yay!

Love, Emlyn

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday swim, bird chase and log retrieve

Here's my new swimming area.   It's a man-made water retention basin that was completed last summer.

The water is deep enough for swimming...

but has gentle slopes to get in and out easily.  

There are lots of birds out here - Canada geese, mallards, plovers - for me to chase.
I chase them over land....

 .... through water

 ... from far

... and getting closer.

When Della calls, I'm pretty good at getting over to her as quickly.... I can. 

 I find the best spot to make my crossing...

... and here I come!

After a good shake, I sit for a moment in the sun to catch my breath...

... then I'm off to retrieve something interesting over there.

Oh well, a not-so-interesting plastic bottle, but I'll bring it ashore anyway.

Now I see a real challenge - a big branch that must be retrieved.

It is very heavy, and I'm having difficulty swimming and pulling at the same time.  

I have to let go and swim into a better towing position.

I don't think I can do this...

I guess I have to give up....

 ... but I'm not feeling good about quitting.

I'm going to have to try again.  There is nothing too big for me to retrieve....

 ... I'm going to land this sucker if it's the last thing I do!

Della doesn't think I can do it, and she starts to walk away.

Ha!  I surprised HER when she looked back, didn't I?!

 I not only got that log to the shore, but I started to haul it up the bank.

It was REALLY heavy, and I had to pull as hard as I could to get it up the bank.

I pulled it far enough up so I wouldn't float off.   I think I'm done water retrieving for a while.

And now I'm off and running through the bushes looking for birds!

I think I know where one is.... am I pointing?

So that is my lovely Sunday walk.  
As Ma Doux says about a certain person, "Eat your heart out, ---- ----!"