Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer swimming

Hi Ma Doux, 

Thought you'd like to see how happy I am swimming with my new haircut - I love it!

I now feel very streamlined and fast when I retrieve.

 It's been so hot that I prefer to stay in the water and just walk along with my favorite bumper.

 But eventually I come to land....

... and catch my breath.

Then I go right back in and wallow.

The amazing thing about my swimming area is that even though it doesn't have springs or a flowing current, it stays clean and clear.  I can see right down to the bottom.

 I could spend the whole day out here...

... just being a Golden Wader!

 My coat has definitely started to grow!

The only reason I'm sitting so attentively here is that Adele has all my stuff!  She thinks I'm being obedient...

... but once I get hold of that bumper, I'll be back in the water - yay!

Love, Emlyn

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