Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My favorite spot - The Lap!

Hello Ma Doux,

I know you had the chemo again this week, so to cheer you up I thought you'd like to see one of my favorite spots to hang out -- Adele's lap! l've heard about lap dogs and they seem to have a pretty cushy life so I've been trying to add that dimension to being a golden retriever.

Here's my first lap picture. This was on March 7, the day I came home. I'm looking a bit out of it as I had just spent four hours in the car coming from Clifton to Plymouth Meeting, and I'm looking out on my yard for the first time.

Here I am a week later on March 13. I didn't know how to jump up onto anything at that point, but I learned that if I put a back paw onto one of their feet, they would lift up the paw (and me, attached!) and then I could clamber onto whatever I was aiming for.

Here I am on March 21. This isn't exactly a lap picture, but I was still small enough to be carried around which I really liked because I could do face licks so easily! Look how huge my front legs are!

Now it's April 4 and you can see that I've discovered that the sofa is a fine spot for play. I had just come back from a walk but I'm still full of energy. This is my version of Climb All Over Body Parts - an excellent game.

Still April 4, and I'm still climbing all over Adele!

Now we jump forward to May 3. I think I just had a growth spurt!
This is my favorite chair because it stretches out (it's a recliner) and I get more room. It was starting to be a tight fit for me and Adele in the same spot.

Another growth spurt and it's June 23. I'm huge! Even though I can easily leap up onto chairs and beds, I always climb into Adele's lap very carefully, using the foot elevator. Adele says there's a big difference between a 15 lb puppy to lift and a 38 lb one, but I like to think it's great weight training for her! The best time to do the lap climb is in the morning with the coffee and newspaper.

I always think a couple of face licks improve the situation!

Back to the sofa where Adele and I are watching the Fourth of July festivities. Della was a bit of a drag on the Fourth. She didn't seem to want to get on board with any of the celebrations, muttering something about it not being a big holiday in her country. I helpfully suggested she think about being a good sport rather than a sore loser, but that didn't go over at all well....

I had a fun time on the Fourth, with everyone patting me and telling how good I was with all the fireworks going off. I can tell you for sure that if you like fireworks, Philadelphia's the place to be on the Fourth. They started around 5 PM and never stopped all night long as far as I could tell. I'm not afraid of fireworks at all - or thunderstorms. I like all that noise and stuff because I get lots of attention and pats and play.

Now it's July 12, and you can see the fit is getting ever tighter in the chair!

I have to keep reminding Adele to push out the leg rest so there's more room for me and my toys. I just wriggle around till I get comfortable and can find a spot for each leg.

And this was yesterday, July 14. I made my lap move right in the middle of Adele's coffee and newspaper when I thought she might not notice me climbing aboard. I think I was quite successful!

And now I'm moving in for the face lick which I know will give me full absolution, and maybe help Adele wake up a bit!