Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emlyn's Walk

Hello Ma Doux,

I thought you'd like to come along on my morning walk. I'm pretty lucky because right by my house are lots of athletic fields, and because school's out, no-one uses them in the mornings. It takes about an hour to do this walk, but if it's hot or I'm chasing tennis balls, we take some timeouts for a drink.

So I start off on my leash from the house till we reach the soccer field......

......then the walk becomes a run as I get released!

Racing away as fast as I can go....

....but I come right back when called!

At the end of the soccer field, we turn onto one of my favorite raceways!

When I get hot, I go find some shade.

My tongue is getting longer!

I love climbing up this hill.

I'm such a good climber, I make it look as if it's flat!

Now I'll pose for a picture.

Look at me way up here!

Just on the other side of this hill is a kids' playground with all kinds of fun stuff for me to play on!

I LOVE climbing right to the top.

One day I'll go down the slide....

....but for now I'll just sit.

It's pretty high up here.

I found some more stairs to climb....

....and now a bridge.

Time out to look at the view.

After I've finished playing on the jungle gym, we head around the school to this HUGE area of open sports fields which no-one uses in the morning except me!

Now I can run and run and run....all the way to those trees if I want!

But it's too hot today to go that far.....another time out in the shade with the tennis ball I just found.

I always jump up on this rock

Here's the water fountain where Della gets me a drink and a water splash

Della has a folding water bowl that she fills for my drink, then she throws water over me to cool off. I love my puddle and shade!

Wish the puddle were bigger.

Here's another rock I like to jump on. (Have you noticed how good I am at posing in all these pictures? I've definitely got "Sit...Stay" down!)

Ooops...dropped my ball over the edge.

And now I'm headed to another favorite spot.

I zip around in this undergrowth....the smells are soooo good in here.

But I run back as soon as I realize I've gone too far away. I'm still a bit unsure of myself when I can't see Della or Adele.

I think there's something in there....

........better check it out.

Nah....just a silly bird that I scared off.

Then we head over towards the bike path. The first few times I did this walk I used to be REALLY scared of this big old tree stump!

Back on my leash to go along the bike path.

This is my favorite mud spot...I always sit down here! You can see my paw prints from previous walks.

This dog ALWAYS barks at me...

.....but I just ignore him.

What's up here?

This bike path goes on forever.

I love it when we get here because....

.....I get off my leash and can run again!

Lots of stuff to check out.

Wheee.....more running!

Isn't this pretty?

We've had lots of rain so there are good puddles everywhere.

I LOVE water!

I might as well cool off all over.

I'll do another pretty pose.

Homeward bound on the soccer fields again.

Are we there yet? I'm getting a bit tired.

Almost home...through the gap in the bushes.

Last few yards.....

.....and we're home!!
And now I go inside, get a drink and take a long nap in front of my fan. I hope you enjoyed my walk!